Retro: Swedish style

Another home that was recently for sale here in Skåne. I tell you, Skåne's the place to be :). I am starting to think I should be sponsored by Hemnet, the Swedish estate agent website, or maybe even start my own estate agent business, the trouble is I'd want to buy all the homes myself. This fab retro inspired home was recently sold here in sunny Malmö.

Bo-laget Via Do you fancy this
There's those white floors again.....but I my absolute favourite item here has to be the table and chairs, I would loooooove this set! What about you?

Any great plans for the weekend? We're heading to a great little girls afternoon birthday tea this afternoon and then another little birthday party tomorrow so they'll be cake and more cake. Never ever a bad thing.

Have a wonderful weekend!

California style {Ryan Murphy at home in Hollywood}

Ryan Murphy and David Miller's California home is the perfect mix of old California and new.  I love the clean lines of the kitchen mixed with the rustic table and it's wood and leather chairs. Each space seems to pull it off perfectly with a simple palette and clean white walls.

Images via 
interior design by Cliff Fong

A white Swedish apartment

The Swedish estate agent Stadshem is like an interior magazine. Every page gives you great new ideas for your home! Todays' inspiration comes from this light and bright, all white apartment currently for sale in Sweden. Spot the guitars used to spice up the walls....



My sister Cas told me yesterday that she loves the inpsiration on My Scandinavian Home but sometimes gets frustrated because she doesn't kow where to find some of the items in the homes. So today I promised to do a bit of an I-spy! here goes......

I spy.........
The Bumling light above the dining room table
The Hang it All brightly coloured coat hooks in the hall (15% off with the code MYSCAN! woohoo)
The Model One Tivoli radio on the windowsill in the kitchen

Any other great pieces I've missed?

A Client's Home Office Before & After

Since having Luke (our 5 month old) and unexpectedly selling our house & moving to a new one a couple of months ago, I've felt like time has truly been passing at the speed of light.  It's been a whirlwind.  I don't think life ever really slows down but I think it might calm a little once our house is through construction.     Since being in such a busy phase, I haven't had the chance to take many photos of finished projects to share...
Before Luke was born, I began working with a client who occasionally works from home and wanted to have her office redesigned.  The project was installed when I was around 9 months pregnant & when I was able to visit afterwards, I had my brand new baby with me so there wasn't time to take pictures.  I received the sweetest thank you card in the mail from her last week that she'd made from photos of the office & I just had to share! 
Here's what the loft office looked like when we started:
My client has very defined tastes and she's a minimalist.  I think she's also the neatest person I've EVER known.  (I'm seriously envious of how perfectly she keeps her home/ office.)  She likes her spaces to feel clean & open & airy & natural and loves a warm modern feeling.  We decided to reuphoster a pair of her existing chairs & to change out pretty much everything else. 
Here's what it looks like now:

We used a glass table between her reupholstered chairs so that the view from the new daybed to the living room below would be unimpeded.  To make the daybed exactly as my client wanted it, she & her (SUPER-handy!!) husband actually cut down the legs of the daybed for a lower/less traditonal vibe and painted the feet.  We used some of my fern star linen for throw pillows on it. 

We used a lot of glass & metal throughout the space but the live edge desk is one of my favorite pieces in the room.  We had it made by the Lorimer Workshop. It's a live edge top on metal legs.  I love it juxtaposed against the white leather & chrome chair.

I'm off for an installation (so be sure to check out instagram where I'll be posting photos of the project) but hope you enjoyed & thank you so much to my client for sending me the photos!!

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

Dark doors

I loved the feeling of this space, it feels lived in and well loved.  That tree I think is what really makes it come a live.  Just that little bit of life in the greenery is perfection.

image via

Dear man, can we move please?

You may recognise this home. It's been in countless interior design magazines and extremely popular in the blog world. In fact, I've even shown it on this blog. But there's a difference. This time it's for sale (how they can bear to part with it I have no idea). And as a result this Southern Sweden home has been shot from numerous new angles (as you can see I had a very difficult time selecting a few ....!). The owners have completely rocked the white with vintage look, are masters at colour and material mixing and to top it all have added a heart stopping morrocan twist.

Valvet via SF Girl By Bay

Help! I've just spent the best part of an afternoon wondering if I could up root to this home in Arild. It's a beautiful coastal village further up the coast here in Skåne and actually just down the road from my father-in-law.....I even sent the link to my man's work e-mail with the subject 'we're moving...'! haha! what do you reckon, could you up sticks here?!

Remanants of the Past 2012 {#2}

Rusty Clover was one of my favorite booths at the show, I purchased the most amazing vintage mirror from them for my collage.  Their booth was full of all kinds of goodies, something for just about everyone.

Another favorite was Melissa Blue, her display was beyond amazing.  It makes me wish I could live in a place piled high with vintage and no need to use anything.  I think by far one of the best styled booths I have seen in a long time.

 It is always great to see Blue Canoe, they are a husband and wife team that do the most amazing job collecting fantastic pieces from all around.  I was excited to see that they had the Olive buckets too!

My newest favorite is House Wren!  I fell for the re-purposed lighting and furnishings.  I picked up a couple of fixtures for a project that I am working on.  They are so perfect I cannot wait to see them in the space.  The styling in their space was so well done and the great mix of industrial and natural pieces was perfect. 

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at the fall Remnants of the Past show.  I had a great time at the show and only wish I could have spent more time!
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