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Feeling a bit under the weather today... too many plans can make you tired I think.  
This would be the perfect place to take a few hours and leisurely read with a big cup of tea.

Wishing you a restful Saturday!

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Simple yet striking

A distinctly simple yet utterly striking Scandinavian apartment to celebrate the weekend. If you could choose one fabulous designer item from this home, what it would it be?

Photography: Bohman & Sjöstrand Stylist: Johanna Lavén via Solid Frog

With kind permission from Bohman & Sjöstrand and found via lovely blog Solid Frog.

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Have a really great weekend all!

Masculine & transitional...

A little inspiration for a Friday.  This is an inspiration board from my presentation this week.  I fell for the easy semi masculine feel of this one.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing a little bit of your day with me here, it is so nice to be able to share my work and ideas with everyone.


A little of this..

Hello there, sorry for my absence yesterday... how quickly the days seem to pass.  Another busy week is almost ready to be put to rest and I am definitely dreaming of the weekend.  This weekend will be just us girls relaxing here at home, my daughter and me.  I am excited to take a little break from work and spend some time getting the house in order.  
We start our final round on the kitchen renovation next week and I am excited and anxious about it.  There are still many choices to be made, that is how it is works around here.  I did speak with my furniture maker yesterday though and we are going to put a contrasting color in the new piece that will hold all of my everyday dishes, now someone needs to pick that color please!
I have pulled a bunch of greys, and greiges to start with.  I will be sure to keep you up to date on all of the selections.  
 I am also working with the wonderful Shari from Little Blue Deer on a makeover for the blog, it will be fun to have a fresh new look around here don't you think?

Also, a little bit of a delayed THANK YOU to Leaf Magazine for including some pieces from the shop in their current issue!


My friend's lovely Malmö home

A good friend of mine, and fellow Skåne flee market scourer is selling her beautiful 1902 'Sekelskifte' apartment in the centre of Malmö. It will go on the market later today but I was lucky enough to get a sneaky peek! Sofia and her family are so clever at finding items in antique fairs, flee markets and bargain basements and then blending them in with designer pieces. It helps that the apartment has beautiful bones and a fantastic traditional Kakelugn (tiled fireplace) too!

I spy: Many of the frames you see on the picture wall are from flee markets as are the high chair, the shipping crates and the demijohn (green bottle). The retro dining table in the kitchen is a 1950's Perstorp skiva. There are a few pieces of scandinavian design too such as the set of black Arne Jacobson Series 7 chairs around the dining table and the String shelves in the hall.

Such a pretty home. Anyone fancy moving to Malmö? The more the merrier!

PS link to actual page to follow once it goes live!

Transparent Table Design and Attractive

Increasing number of table design in the house everyone will be confused select table design is like what?
with the passing of a fully modern times and all want a practical both economically and shelter, in choosing the furniture like a transparent table design should be one option that is right for your home interior combines design, to note in choosing the right furniture is colors, materials made ​​from these tables, table styles and sizes to fit your home, from the design table should be able to make the owner feel happy and comfortable, aspect to note is transparent table design interesting to see and not bored.

The dining table was beautiful because it is supported by the style of the table and the aspects that exist in table design, table design is very classy indeed transparent and attractive because of its rare and not haphazardly all design.

The size and style and form of table design is very classy and very beautiful, with carved like roots provide its own beauty and is very modern and attractive.

Home interior design should be in collaboration with the furniture that was in the house interior is not ancient and must keep abreast of the times, a transparent table design and attractive solution is right for your home comfort.

Source Image :interiorarcade

Perfect blend: rustic/ industrial/ contemporary

After 8 years in Sweden I thought I knew how to deal with the long winter; leave the country when the snow arrives! If you travel to the Canary Islands or Thailand around early spring you're bound to be surrounded by tanned Swedes stocking up on some much needed sun! But this Autumn I noticed something new-  everyone's heading off now too. A holiday in September presumably to soften the blow of the end of the summer. Since I have missed the boat (litereally) I'm mentally transporting myself  to this stunning home in Spain by architects / property developers Abaton (via 79 ideas) instead. It has just the right mix of Spanish rustic, industrial and modern designer elements to really soften the blow of the impending winter.

Abaton via 79 ideas
I spy Tom Dixon again in the form of the Beat Lights (just goes tp show how versatile Tom Dixon lights are - yesterday the Copper Shade Pendant looked at home in a retro style home, today the Beat Lights look fab in a contemporary minimalist home. The Wegner Wishbone Chairs also blend in beautifully. I could certainly see myself celebrating the end of summer here, could you?

Do you have any winter survival tips?!


{image source: flickr user law_keven at }
I remember the buttercups that used to dot my elementary school playground. 
 I went there for nine years so I knew the field well.  The buttercups would shoot up faster than the blades of grass between mowings.  
{image from wikipedia}
When we were younger, we'd hold them up under eachother's chins & it was, " Do you like butter?" 
A little older and it was, "he loves me, he loves me not"
{He loves me!}
 You never really knew if he was going to love you or not with buttercups because some types have 5 petals and others have 6.
I loved making flower chains & never really grew out of it.  I remember doing them in the Spring as I waited for my turn at long jump in high school track.  One day I remember making necklaces for the other sprinters & somehow convincing even the guys to wear them as crowns...  (My coach must have loooved that ;)
ahahahaha   (It really still makes me laugh out loud.) 
More than anything, I just remember always picking them up & playing with them when I see them.  Long talks on the field with my best friend, scooping down to pick a buttercup, subconsciously.  Crumbling the old flower centers into little pieces between my fingers & rolling them around. 


I love these pics of the plants from NC State...  (above & below) 



It's for pretty much all of these reasons that I've known for a while I wanted to do a buttercup design for my textile line.  When the power went out for days this Summer & we needed to get out of town, we made an impromput visit to see my dad in Illinois & have him meet the baby...  The car ride is 13 hours and it was the first time after Luke was born (in May) that I'd had some time to sketch.  I  worked on "buttercup" in my lap...

{The beginnings of it...  as you can see, drawing doesn't come easily to me & there are lots of erase marks & mess ups}
The design (like all of them) is just an interpretation... not a botanical study.  I add my own little things here & there and I'm sure I leave out pretty important parts, but it's the feeling that I'm after...

{One of my first strike-offs}

I'm working on the final colorways now but I'm really happy with the light earthiness of this first one...

A few more options are on their way & I hope you enjoyed a peek into the process.
Do you have any buttercup memories?

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

Golden Brown Color Modern Design

With imagination and it all works Modern Agraz Arquitectos designed. admire the excellent design in all,  golden brown color gives special meaning and more interactive.
In the interior there are some furniture that complements dream house and some big Lcd installed in every room. plaid design on a wooden wall and a barrier gives the work a very beautiful and contemporary, has its own appeal.

Residential with modern design that is very concerned with some comfort, flexibility and also the beauty of the furniture golden brown, the colors are very in interest some people to obtain beauty as a place to perform daily activities.

The placement of the light which is above is also very influential to illuminate every part of the house is a modern design of the house is very special.
The living room, dining room and the kitchen are a golden brown color combination for the room, so beautiful to look at and has a high aspect with some marble stones that exist in the room.

There are also modern exterior design with green garden provides its own beauty can also make life comfortable quiet and careful. cleanliness is very influential in creating a modern design for a clean heart there is also room is clean as well.

image: freshome
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