Streets of Paris..

I cannot thank you all enough for your sweet comments and emails from the last two days..

I hope you are getting ready for a nice relaxing weekend..

This weekend my littlest one is having girls weekend with me and I am very excited.  Shopping and sweets and all kinds of girls only stuff!  

I am dreaming of Paris right now too, I wish I could take her there for the weekend! 

images by christina for greige 


Putting it out there...

So here it goes..  I know I don't say much about myself but sometimes I want to spill some of the beans...  I am curious about you my lovely readers so I figure I have to let you know a little something about me right..
So here we go.. I have a list, sometimes it's just a mental list, sometimes it is a written list (but rarely).  It is a list of things I want to do in this life and let's face it, life is moving by pretty quickly around here so I have to keep working on making this list happen just about every day.  I did not think of it that way until my Mom said to me "if she wants to do it she will make it happen" in reference to a buying trip I want to take in France.  This is part of my to do list for myself- my personal goals so to speak....
  1. Have a space I have designed published
  2. Take a buying Trip to France and bring back a whole container full of goodness
  3. Have a shop (even if just for a little while)
  4. Live in France for 6 months with my family (in a gorgeous space like the one above)
  5. Learn French and Spanish
  6. Write/publish a beautiful design book
  7. Expand greige studio to include upholstery and accessories
  8. Finish my house (ha ha)
  9. Stop and smell the roses
  10. Travel to Africa
Okay so now I simply must know if you will share with me what your to do list holds right now!!!  {Please} I would love to know what others are thinking they would like to accomplish with their lives.

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For the past few months I have been considering seriously moving into a little studio space to spread out a little bit.  I would love to have a studio or shop in the front with an office and then a design space in the back for work.  Things around here are very busy and I have not had the time to really think this through.  I am curious to know if you have an office, shop or studio that you rent/own?  If you do how do you like it?  Would you recommend it?  I can use all the input that I can get!

I love this space with the industrial furnishings and the warm feeling of the flooring texture what a great and inspiring workspace.

dreamy shop images via Mires Paris


Parisian Chic book {giveaway}

Just a little thank you to all of you wonderful followers here on greige!
(look over 1800 of you over there) 
One of my favorite books.. Parisian Chic.
The perfect book to get you on track with your fall fashion fix!

Best of  luck!  

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Please Excuse me...

...While I load photos. 

Lauren Liess Textiles from top to bottom:
Queen Anne's Bouquet in Black & Oatmeal
Fern Star in Olive
Filigree Chevron in Black & Oatmeal
Ticking in Beige
Live Paisley in Gold
Happikat in Olive/ Aqua
happikat in Cocoa & Oatmeal
Live paisley in Antique Beige
Ticking in Black & Oatmeal

Like I mentioned, loading the photos of the fabrics onto my online store is taking foreverrrrrr.   (Yes, I'm complaining ;)  But I'm almost done and as soon as I am, we can launch!!  (All fabrics will be available for purchase online.)  I'll keep you posted but I'm tying to spend as much time as possible on the website so my posts may be short for a little bit.

Have a great day!!

xoxo, Lauren

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Living room and Family room Design

I had the recent pleasure of working on multiple spaces for a client who was looking for a style that I really enjoy.  For their living room I suggested a clean slightly dressier look with greys and linens and to carry the feeling through into their family room we toned down the formality for a comfortable family space that will be used every day.  
In the larger family room I suggested paneling on the large open wall opposite the fire place and seating with artwork to add some weight.  It was a fun space to create.

I am always so amazed by how much fun it is to create a space for a family that they can use and the best part is getting to know my clients.


Style in the entry

Another week is upon us and I am not sure I feel like I am accomplishing much around here.
I am complete in awe of the this beautiful entryway and the mirror, it is so very lovely and unique, the things that make a house a home.  

There is a lot going on around here and I am wondering something.. as I start to do some long awaited work on our home, if you are interested in seeing the changes taking place?  I have not really explored that here on the blog as it has been a lot of inspiration and work ideas.  I am just curious if you, my lovely reader, are interested in this type of addition. 

Also, this week look for a little giveaway here and some other fun things!

Wishing you a lovely Monday to start off the week.

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greige fairytale...

I think this picture sums up what I have been inspired by this past week.. the dark molding, the  patterned floor and the beautiful dress..  

I hope you are having  wonderful day.. 
I will be recovering from a 7 year old girls slumber party today!!

image via pinterest


Pool house cozy...

This looks like the perfect place to spend the weekend.
I think I need one for sure, a little fire, a little pool, a little time to spend with friends and family.

Wishing you a magical weekend!

image via pinterest


Milk off the Shelf

THIS is what happens when your house is under construction, you make dinner with the kids and your spouse is working late for the night:

...Was wondering this morning how in the world we could have finished off a whole gallon of milk yesterday?  (The kids got oatmeal with water for breakfast.)...

...Until my assistant came in and asked me why the milk was on the shelf???
(I really didn't even notice it there.)  Ah vell.
Off to the grocery store!

xoxo, Lauren

ps- I'll be sure to post a few progress pics of the rooms we had redone!  (Undecorated as of now)

Light Oak Wood Flooring

I have had wood flooring on my mind this week as I am specifying a big design job and have chosen to use a light oak wood flooring.  The flooring pictured above is by far one of my favorites and I have used it several times over the years.  We are debating on the chevron or some other pattern for the space as it is quite large.  I am looking to install this same floor in my Living and Dining area in the coming months also- which I am even more excited about.  Do you have a favorite that you have used?  If you do I would love to hear about it!

images via pinterest and Provenza

flooring shown in 3rd photo is Provenza Old World Collection Fossil Stone


Feeling Fall...

I am so in love with the feeling of this photo!  The grapes look heavenly and the texture is amazing.
 Wouldn't this be a great kitchen work space.

I hope your week is moving along well!!

image via

Dark Details..

I love the classic feeling of all of the dark trim and detailing in this space and how it carries through.

I have always been one to paint the walls not the trim with color.  I may need to change that idea out once and a while and see how it goes.

image via pinterest


Lauren Liess Textiles Shoot

I have pictures back from our photo shoot at Helen Norman's farm!!  Helen & her assisitant F.J. are still working on the photos (we're going for a sort of vintage/ edgy vibes for the photographs so it takes a lot of processing afterwards) but I though I'd share a few peeks - some without the processing.

Our goal with this photoshoot was to show the fabrics in a variety of settings, both with and whithout people.  We wanted to show how the fabrics move and look and feel.  I washed some of the fabrics before the shoot to give them a bit of patina and I really love how they turned out.  Some of the photos and fabrics come across as fresh and happy & fun, while others are earthier,  moodier or softer.   We wanted to show the variety of feelings & moods that couls be created with the line. (55 fabrics in total with 14 different designs.)

Here's part of our gold/ yellow collection on a beautiful antique daybed with little Grizzly taking a nap to show they really are comfy:

{Fabrics pictured: Magnolia in Yellow, Live Paisley in Gold, and Fern Star in Yellow}

Our boys were sooooo good and put up with so much.  Here's an outtake of them, totally at the end of their ropes:

{Pretending to nap on a blanket in Magnolia}

I love this photo with the mist on the door to the porch:

We woke up super-early and got some cool pics with fog in the background:

{me with a Wild Chicory blanket}

I looooove this outtake...  Did you ever play this game with friends when you were little?-

{"Super tall 4 year-old.. ie Christian on Daddy's shoulders.  And Kelly Green Cape in Happikat}

{Laundry Line with: Thistle in Sepia, Live Paisley in Antique Beige and Squircles in Fog}

...Anyway, I have so many more pics to share (I think 85 total?!!  We took over 1,000!) but I really want you to see them once they have that processing I mentioned.  I'm finishing up loading the plain fabric photos onto my online store and will then go back & add in the lifestyle photos & then we'll be ready to launch.  We're all moving as quickly as we can!! :)

I can't thank Helen & F.J. enough for the photos & their time,  and of course thank you to my family.  (I know two of you can't read yet, but I love you more than anything and one day you'll get what a big deal this was to me.)

xoxo, Lauren

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Construction over here

Remember how I mentioned we were refinishing a room on our lower level?  Here's a pic of the room after we did the demo:

 Our contractors from CarrMichael Construction came over & are in the midst of drywalling the walls & ceiling:

Originally we'd planned to use the small room as an additional office space for me & my assistant Meghan, but two days ago I decided we were better off taking the bigger room (the guest room) for work and using the smaller room as the new guest room.  Here's a shot of our complete mess-of-a-future-office:

Nothing you see is really staying... not even the curtains.  I haven't decided where I want to go in either of these rooms yet because the project came on so suddenly, but as soon as I have design plans, I'll be sure to share.  {shoemakers' kids with no shoes syndrome here} 

Also, the guys are reducing the closet in the boys' room so we can fit two twin beds in there.  Again, I'm pretty undecided on what I to do but I think I'm going to have headboards made in one of my new fabrics. 

xoxo, Lauren

If you'd like help creating a home you absolutely love, contact me about our design services.

So loving this!

I find it interesting how my taste varies.. I know that there are people who like one thing and one thing only, but I swing back and forth.  I love clean beautiful spaces and old crumbly spaces at the same time.  I think when a space is well done it really speaks for itself.  Now there are somethings I just don't like but to each his own.

What about you?  Do you have one style that you like or do you like more than one or even a mix?

image via pinterest and cherner chair

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