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Design Influences..

I know I don't do a lot of talking here on the blog but believe me I am a chatter... you might be glad when I go back to short and sweet...

I have been thinking this morning about design and how I am influenced.
There are certain designers that I love- they can almost do no wrong.  But I must say that I am influenced by just about everything.  Everything we see effects us in some way or another.  I can always pick out what I like or don't like in a photo or a room but I don't always realize the more subtle things in everyday life that influence me.  
Like light and nature that is a big one for me... I love the light in the morning as it hits the trees just outside my office window. It is soft and just that perfect color it makes the trees look fantastic..  I don't like those trees that much otherwise.  

Things like that go unrealized for a long time and they effect us in how we live our lives and how we see things.  Little things like that color or that feeling flow into design and help shape design decisions.

I know I am rambling - but it is Saturday and I suppose it won't hurt to say something once in a great while around here.. 

I am so excited for my trip.. I cannot wait to be influenced by all things France.  I think that design and inspiration are growing changing thing that we just have to take a moment to see.  I promise to share share as often as I can.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

image via Under the Spanish Moss


Living room project...

I wanted to share a project that I have been working on with you..

This is a fun space that is a little different and will be full of activity!  I had the great opportunity to
mix in some vintage and modern pieces and cannot wait to see how it all comes out.

It is always so nice to work with wonderfully creative clients 
who bring all kinds of ideas to the table!


China Cabinet...

I love a good display of dishes and glassware..  This is so perfectly simple!
image via scrapbook


Natural and grey...

This is such a fun space.  Clean, natural, grey and white.
The table is divine!
images via skona hem


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Baby Girl's Nursery Design

I'm living vicariously through a client of mine:  She's having a baby girl and I designed her nursery!  I'm doing the final installation today with my assistant, Meghan, and we're so excited!!

My client was looking for a fun, sophisticated nursery.  {When I walked into her living room for the first time, it looked like it had been done professionally, although she did it herself, so she has an amazing sense of style.}  She wanted fresh & happy and not over-the-top girly.  She's drawn to paisley and florals.  I thought I'd share our plans with you, so here's the floorplan we created for her:

And here's a quick peek at the pieces selected:

{The mobile (top left) has been custom made in our colors from Pink Perch on etsy.   We've done curtains out of the Schumacher floral (top right) and used the paisley blockprinted crib bedding, lamp, chair & table pictured.}

Here's a close-up of the Schumacher fabric:

It's wild & fun & not your typical girly floral. 

We mixed a few Pottery Barn kids pieces with a custom green viney chandelier by Stray Dog Designs  (one of my new favorites for lighting!) and an overscale seaweed print that we'll be tacking up with nailhead.  The "LILY" drawing on the right is a mock-up of a framed fabric panel with wooden beads & letters draped over it for the room.  The green polka-dotted fabric at bottom right is the fabric we used.

Here's a pic of the project {mid-stage} to give you an idea of what it actually looks like:

We're leaving in a couple of hours & I cna't wait to share 'after' pics with you!!
Even if I never have a little girl of my own (fingers still crossed though!) at least I got this chance to do little sweetie Lily's nursery!!  She's due in May and we're so happy for our clients!! 

xoxo, Lauren

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Tine K home...

The beautiful greige loveliness of Tine K Home...

I just adore the simple lines and the natural feeling of all of their things!


It didn't rain!

You know you've been gone from the office for a while when you have to think about your passwords when logging back into your accounts.  I have to say that I would love another month away, but that's just not the way it works...  And I've realized just how many junk emails I get a day and it is CRAZY.  I need to get some sort of filter on there because for some reason I get multiple emails a day from women all over the world in their 20s asking me to marry them.  And I also get emails about enlargers.  (You know the kind I mean. ) Somewhere along the line, I must be logged into somewhere or some search engine or whatever as a lonely middle-aged man.  (Don't know what's up with that because I am not lonely.  ;)

Anyway, we had a really great break!  We dyed Easter eggs:

And the Easter Bunny hid them:

My children had peeps for breakfast:

peep! peep!

{they're honestly really gross to me but they are pretty cute.}

The kids looked far & wide for eggs:

Our backyard was pretty muddy but that didn't stop them:

I set an Easter table & we had our family over. 

{I used a massive piece of peachy-pink & aqua woven paisley fabric that I bought a while back as the table cloth.  It usually hangs out in our family room as a throw blanket.}

I topped it with a frayed aqua linen remnant and then loaded it with aqua bottles of daffodils from my garden as last-minute easy centerpieces. 

{I pretty much do everything in my own home last-minute, so I was lucky that I'd even planted my daffodil bulbs last-minute (this March!) and they came up late enough that they just bloomed this past week & I had flowers for Easter.}

We made eggs with everyone's names on them for placeholders:

{I only took a pic of this one because I took the pics before the party & didn't want the eggs all sitting out.}

My mom made these beautiful pansy cupcakes:

{She used actual pansies, which are edible}

...And I turned 29!

~And there it didn't rain!~ 
It almost always rains on my birthday so we were shocked when the sun held out & we had temperatures in the 80s.

Hope you had a happy Easter & I'm so envious of any of you that are still on vacation!!! 

xoxo, Lauren

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I wish this is where I was spending my day!  
But alas it is Monday and I will be 
taking care of business today...

What does Monday hold for you?

Do you find that some Mondays you are ready to go?
Running from task to task trying to get as much done as possible as though the rest of the week is not really going to amount to much?

image via the Alternative Wife

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