Paris in the Spring...

I am so missing Paris right now..  I love to visit in the spring!  I have had many emails as of late asking to share my favorite places in Paris and France so I thought that I would put together a post this coming week with all of the things that make Paris my favorite city.  

I would love to have you share your favorites too!  I am sure those who are traveling this coming year would like a glimpse into what makes the city so special to so many people. 

Wishing you a dream filled Saturday!

These are the sweet treats that my hubby brought me back from his trip just a few short weeks ago.

Love Laduree....


Sneakity Peek: Client Apartment

We recently finished up with our clients' gorgeous condo & I have a couple of pics to share.   My client has amazing taste and has amassed lots of collections of beautiful objects over the years.  She was ready for a fresh start design-wise & has a very defined style.  We wanted light & textural and we used a soft pallette of whites, creams, grays, aquas & taupes.  

This (below) is the view down one of the hallways & we went with a horizontally striped rug, which visually widens the hallway:

The apartment has the most beautiful light and the views are incredible.  I'll save the rest of it for when we have it professionally shot but before I go, I do want to share a few of Maureen's collections with you:

{old pulleys}

{I can't remember what this thing is but it is soooo gorgeous!!!  She found it at a thrift store, like many of her treasures}

{Her collection of vintage trophies is incredible.  I love them just piled together like this.}

{One of my favorite collections she has is her collection of glass & crystal bottle stops that she keeps at the drink station...  so beautiful.}

...Anyway, I'll be sure to share the rest of the apartment when I can!!  Thank you so much to my clients for letting us be a part of your redesign!!

xoxo, Lauren

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Oh so Manly..

How amazing is this Manhattan home of the Chief Creative Officer at Ralph Lauren?  It is so very manly and I love the mix of vintage and new.  The tolix chairs alone make the space for me.  

What do you have planned for this weekend?  I am taking a well needed break from work and activities for a little relaxing time at home.  

Also, don't miss out on One Kings Lane's newest vintage sales that started just yesterday.  Just think of all of the great goodies you can find everyday!


The wonderful home of a Danish stylist

It's Friday! Yay! This weekend I'm taking the girls out to the forest to enjoy a little of the Southern Sweden countryside. It's almost customery to take 'korv med bröd' (hotdogs) and bbq them alfresco. Wish me luck with that last bit...! Since I'm cruising towards a very Swedish weekend I thought I'd go all Scandinavian today with this beautiful home of Danish stylist Rikke Graff Juel which I found via the wonderful Scandinavian design blog La Maison d'Anna G.

Photographer Tia Borgsmidt
I really love this home, there are so many beautiful Danish classics, and they make great style look so effortless.  What did you think?

The good news is, this Danish homeowner also has a blog called Ellens album, so there'll be plenty more inspiration to cruise around this weekend!

Have you got any nice plans for the weekend?


Everything seems to be blooming now...   (yay!!!!)   I took these photos in our yard last week & I can't believe how much greener everything's gotten between now & then.

{our wisteria}

A lot of what's blooming in the yard (and what I love in our yard- lavendar, wisteria, crocus, violets & even the weeds) seems to be purple.  And purple's not a color I really think of as liking very much for interiors...  But I did come across a few spaces where I think it's really beautiful & I think I seem to like it most when in small doses (vs all over, like on walls...  although I could probably be convinced ;) in a room.

{Elle Decor...  just a single shot of purple}

My violets (below) remind me of when I was a little girl walking around the neighborhood picking violets to press...

I loooove the purple pillows in this room:  (and the entire room to be honest)

The amethyst on the coffee table is beautiful. 

Here's another pic of our violets.  My favorite are these white & purple ones:

{I love getting violet bouquets from my boys}

And below, this room feels really good to me.  I think that when I typically think of purple, I think of it in connection with teenage girls' rooms  or cold-modern rooms and I imagine it in "flatter" spaces without much depth and that feel a little "plastic" to me, but after finding these few "purple rooms" I'm realizing that I really do love it when it's an accent in a room full of texture & interest. 

..And I think this applies to pretty much any color.  Of course I have favorites (no- not green!!! ;) ;)  but I also love the challenge of working with colors that aren't my favorites & making beautiful spaces out of them.  And I really appreciate seeing rooms where designers have done this & they make me love a color I wouldn't normally think of as even liking.   ( I wonder...  could this even be possible with burgundy for me???!!  probably.)

So, thanks Flowers, for opening me up a little & making me reconsider purple!

ps- We caught a bug in the house this week & it has seriously been one of the worst ever...  some sort of crazy chest pains along with all of the usual cold stuff.  (Even my assistant, Meghan, is out sick)  I'm definitely backed up on emails & will get to them as quickly as possible!!  It's looking like I might be on the up today!

xoxo, Lauren

*images via pinterest*

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Totally loving..

These things are totally not related..  I love the vibrant green in this outdoor space.  We are searching for the perfect hedge for our yard and this picture caught my eye.  Any hedge suggestions are welcome!

I was at the design center yesterday pulling some fabrics for a job and had a chance to see the new line from Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa- love these!  It is nice to see some new fabrics.  I also had a chance to see the new pieces from Windsor Smith which are also fantastic.

Wishing you a great start to the end of the week!


Boutique 'Glamping' in a vintage inspired caravan

Living here in Sweden I really wanted to show P and our little girls a little about where I come from so a real british seaside holiday is in order! So this summer we're going 'glamping' (glamorous camping) by England's beautiful SouthWest coast. I'm thinking whimsical days in wellies, chintzy tea sets, bunting, vintage caravans, 50's radios and buckets and spades. Can't wait!

Pictures: Love Lane Campsite
 For more info about hiring a 'boutique' caravan at the lovely Love Lane campsite in Cornwall click here. Do you have any exciting holiday plans this year?

Going somewhere..

I saw these and was immediately in love- this is some amazing talent!  

I have a presentation today and then it is back to the ordering grind for ongoing projects.  I wish I felt like I was moving forward but I am not sure if I am really getting anywhere anymore.

Tomorrow I will share with you a little bit of what I have been up to and I am hoping to get to share some great new books that I have discovered too!

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday.

image source unknown  

A beautiful white Danish home

Now, there's nothing I love more than a white home. I live in Scandinavia after all. And this Danish home is the eptiome of white lovely-ness. I especially love the wooden floors. We have recently white washed our dark oak floors and our house has become so light and airy because of it. Next step - beautiful mid century furniture like in this home....

Pernille Kaalund for Femina via Seventeen Doors
There are so many things I love about this home I'm not sure where to start, perhaps you can help me?! What catches your eye?
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