It's Complicated - Set Design

So I am a big fan of Nancy Meyers' movies. Something's gotta give was a great movie- however my real love comes in the movie sets!! It's Complicated set design is a combination of talent from Jon Hutman and Beth Rubino. Something's gotta give and The Holiday were both designed with the help of James Radin, who is currently helping Meyers design her own home. What an amazing talent. I have yet to see the movie (I am hoping to sneak out to it tomorrow) but from what I have seen and heard it is pretty great. Too bad they don't show you the new kitchen- that would have been fun too, but I guess the movie is really about the relationships.. hum.

Another great little story I found about the film and the set design is on Annechovie very fun to see your hard work paying off in a major way! Congratulations!

From what I have heard the bakery that she owns in the film is more than perfect!! The bakery unfortunately is a fictional character as well. It was designed around the idea of several different places "London’s Daylesford Organic to New York’s City Bakery and Dean & Deluca, among others." (Quote from Traditional Homes Magazine article.)

Love the little table with bath goodies..

Even the garden is amazing. hum- I am moving in thanks!

**Update: I saw the movie and I must say I may need to see it again as I was trying to soak up all of the sets and pieces within**

images via Traditional Home and It's Complicated

Happy New Year!!!

Since we're not doing anything very exciting or glamorous for this New Year's Eve, I thought I'd compile a group of pretties that scream "New Year's Eve" to me...  Tables I'd love to sit at...  Things I'd love to wear...

The perfect black crystal chandelier for New Year's Eve...

Aren't these black and white chinoiserie plates gorgeous??? 

If I had some place to go other than the living room, I'd love to wear this fun cocktail ring (from here)

And how amazing is this wallpapered closet?!!!   (from Houzz)... 

I could see putting on my "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" dress in there...

Seriously I'm in love with that dress.  (And don't have it btw) but there are so many places online you can find who sell a version of it:

...  But in reality I'll be at home in my pjs...

Enjoying one of these with my husband:

Celebrating this:

Happy New Year!!!  Thank you so much for your support & friendship. You've all been so amazing & your comments & emails mean so much to me.  Have fun & be safe tonight!!!!

ps-  a little heads up on what's to come in our house this next year:  ORGANIZATION!!  We're hitting the closets, laundry room & work spaces, and are on a mission to make them functional and pretty.  Can't wait!!!

Columbia Please...

Okay all better now- Can I go?

images via Veranda

Tic Tock and some time to reflect..

This year has been interesting to say the least.. I can honestly say that I am not sad to see it go except for the fact that it means that it is one year less that we have of life in front of us. I guess I am not that big on New Years- don't get me wrong I like the Newness of it all- I Guess I need to be more optimistic {sorry it is a cloudy day here- I don't do well with the no sun thing!!}

Anyway- here are some of my favorite inspirations from this past year...

Now that I am cheery again... I want to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit and to leave comments!! It really helps knowing that I am not just posting to myself. I also appreciate how very many of you are in love with the life of the interior- I have been obsessed since I was little and could not imagine it any other way. Life is an experience why not bring that into where you spend your days and nights - in your home. Remember to design and decorate with your heart- that is what makes it good and what makes it special it should be a reflection of you and your experiences!

Best of luck in 2010 and I hope to hear from you often!


New Baby!

Well our "new baby" BOY finally came!   His name is Justin Alexander and he was born on December 22nd.  

We had a huge snowstorm here last weekend so we took Christian (our 2 yr old) to my parents' house just in case I went into labor. 

On Sunday night I started having regular (but not painful) contractions.  I didn't call the doctor until the next night when they were a couple of minutes apart (STILL not painful) and she told me to go on in to the hospital just in case.  SO we went in & yes I was having contractions but still wasn't at a point where I should stay, so we went home.  The next day (the roads had cleared up finally!)and although I was still having contractions, (going on 40+ hours--- seriously???)   we went to get Christian from my mom's to take him home.  (We'd missed him like crazy and I was giving up on ever going into real labor :)  And of course my water broke.  My first thought was "not the sofa!!!" and ran as fast as I could off of my mom's velvet sofa & off the rug & onto the hardwood. 

We said our goodbyes (again) to Christian and off we went back to the hospital.  They gave me a good ol' dose of pitocin and off we went into the real hard labor.  Justin was born at around 11 that night and it was such a smooth delivery.  He weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and is healthy healthy healthy!! :)

I feel GREAT and really couldn't have had an easier delivery and am so thankful.  I'm SO ready to jump & dance around but am being good & am going to wait until I'm supposed to.  (less than 2 weeks! wahooooo)
We came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve and I could NOT believe how big my little Christian seemed!!!!  He got to meet his brother & so far has been really sweet.  He gives him kisses and checks on him when he cries & generally ignores him most of the time.  :)  We had an awesome Christmas Day with just us & it was so crazy to look around and see that there are now 4 of us.  2 boys.  (Well, really 3 and I'm totally outnumbered.)  WOW. 

So for now, we're hibernating.   (It's pretty much what we like to do when we have a baby. ;)  I'll keep you posted & will try to muster up some design-related posts soon!! :)  Hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you all SO much for your kind emails & well-wishes.  It was really fun (and took my mind off things) at the hospital when my blackberry would ding and I'd get a sweet wish from one of you.  :)  I really appreciate it.

Right now we're in that sleep-deprived but lovey-dovey wonderful stage of life after a new baby.  He really is a little angel and we couldn't be happier.  We're so thankful to have such a healthy little boy and are taking each day (no hour!) one at a time...
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