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Bobby McAlpine in Veranda

It was nice to see something from Bobby McAlpine in the latest issue of Veranda.  I love the natural texture mixed with the simple color combination.  This is just a little peek- grab a copy for yourself!

images from Veranda


A Master...

when I am feeling over whelmed by all the design possibilities
there is always Bobby McAlpine...


My Favorite table...

It has been a long time since these images were published and I am still in love with this table. In fact I would say it is my all time favorite table... I LOVE it! When I first saw it I searched and searched to find it somewhere- but I think that it is a custom piece... 

I included the last picture just cause I love that too... the ottoman is perfection!

Interior design Susan Ferrier
images via house of design and style

Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier down at the beach..

I was thinking about something.  I have seen many houses as of late that are very autumn - do you know what I mean?  Houses that I am not sure could really go from one season to the next without a major overhaul.  That is one thing I love about this house and really all of the houses that they design..  they are season-less.  They can move easily from one season to the next without making much of a change...  So subtle and clean..

By the way I need that chaise for my bedroom!

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images via coastal living

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