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Tote obsession...


This is a problem.. I am completely obsessed with totes and bags..  I was flipping through the new issue of Souvenir magazine and was clicking through on products that I liked, once I finished the magazine I realized that I had linked up to multiple websites, but each link was for a different bag.  So I guess I am obsessed just a little!!  I have bags everywhere in the house, I have woven bags holding my bath towels, picnic supplies, fabric samples- you name it!   I like woven, vintage, linen, pretty much anything that would carry goodies home from any kind of store or hold things at home, but I truly love to use them at the flea market and farmer's market- it feels great to come home without a single plastic bag wrapped around my goodies.

Do you love them like I do- have I lost my mind (don't answer that one)!?

click the images for links to these must have bags


New Trad Designer Nominations

Trad home is looking for the new up and coming designers of 2012... and they are looking to the blogging community to bring some great faces their way!  I think this is so great to get someone on the map in a way that most of us only dream of.

Trad Home is back… and YOU can be part of it!
Submit your fave NEW TRAD designer and you could be a guest editor in the next issue.
For the past 4 years, Traditional Home has recognized up-and-coming design talent with its annual hot 
list of NEW TRAD designers. This year, we want your help…
We’re inviting bloggers to help us identify the next wave of emerging design talent. 
We’re on the hunt for 10 up-and-coming designers who epitomize the new traditional design style to 
be showcased in the Spring 2012 issue of TRADhome—our interactive digital magazine.

Please excuse the ad attached to their video but check out their site if your a blogger and want 
to submit your favorite designer.

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