I know, I know I should be savoring my last week of Summer with the kids at home.
But there is so much to be done and I am waiting for Fall with baited breath.  
I love the cooler evenings after the long visit of Summer, and the chance to wear the boots and other things that have been hiding in my closet since Spring...

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Grey and white roman shades

I love the clean lines of the roman shades in both spaces.   Perfect with the thick casing I think!
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Thanks for the Hug

I laughed out loud when I read my friend Linda's (at Lime in the Coconut) comment about the "group hug" I'd received though the comments to yesterday's post.  She's so right.  Thank you all so much for the kindness.  When I wrote the post yesterday, I was feeling as close to tears as I've felt in a really long time (I joked with my assistant Meghan that I was going to jump in her lap for a good cry.)  I honestly didn't write it looking for anything... In a way I use this blog as a journal, usually keeping off the drama/ boring / too personal stuff, but there are times when it comes out anyway.  (After I hit "publish" I thought I sounded like a whiny complainer.)  But I did end up getting something.  So many of you are in the same boat and somehow knowing that we're not alone-  faaaaar from it it- makes me feel better. 

Thanks for the hug.
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And there are so many different sides to it.  Many commenters are in completely different careers and it seems they still struggle with the same issues.  There are those moms who do decide to stay home and love it although can't help wondering "what if" just the way moms who go to work wonder "what if?  There are stay-at-home moms who feel like people think they are on easy street.  (Can I just say I can' disagree with this more??  Staying at home with children to me is the toughest job.  (I'm sure it's very rewarding but it is exhausting and those parents deserve a LOT of credit.)  Then there's the guilt that seems to be associated with all sides of motherhood.  One commenter raised a really interesting issue that in her workplace history, there has always been a "mommy" who she felt used her children as an excuse to get out of things and put more work on others.  Another mother commenting mentioned that she realized she had judged those decorators without children. thinking about what would happen to their careers once they did have kids.  I also realized I was judging the people who judged the "mommy" decorators.  (And just to clarify for any of those who asked, this isn't something imagined, I've actually heard of specific decorators using these terms in reference to others in a very negative way.)  My mom (who was a single parent for most of my childhood) said that childcare was always one of the toughest part about raising kids. 

When it comes down to it, I think we all have insecurities and questions ourselves sometimes.  I find that when I get really frazzled/ upset about something with my kids (such as the daycare situation yesterday morning) I start to question myself.  On normal days, things roll off my back & I'm even able to laugh or roll my eyes when I hear about haters, but when I'm emotionally charged like that, it all seems like it's tumbling down.

With Justin's case yesterday, I took him back to his existing daycare, which had turned over most of its teachers & its director over the summer.  We were less than thrilled to be taking him back to the center as we didn't love it last year & were planning on using it temporarily until we could find Mary Poppins, but when I got back to the daycare yesterday, it was worse than it had been the previous year.  The two ladies we looved -who had taken such good care of Justin- happened to be coming in later that day and those that were left seemed unconcerned that Justin was crying for so long.  I'd fully expected him to cry, I just expected he'd be picked up and comforted. 

Anyway, I have two kidinkies up right now so we're off for breakfast, but thanks for the shoulders yesterday.  I promise I'll get back to good stuff later this week.

{NOT a picture of our breakfast - i wish!!- image from the Awkward Bird}

On another note, we are installing a new project tomorrow.  (Thank goodness for my mom babysitting!!) My clients' house underwent a major renovation and all of the pretties are going in tomorrow!!

xoxo, Lauren

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"Mommy" Decorators

This morning we planned to have our kids start back up at daycare & a new school.  As you might remember from last year, it's kind of a tough time.  Our boys are 4 years old and 20 months old and finding the right kind of care that's best for us all has been tough, both emotionally and on the wallet.  This morning I went to drop Justin off (our 20 month old) at his old daycare and after I left the room I watched as he stood there and wailed for 5-10 minutes.  The caregiver had set him down the second I left the room and as I waited to fill out forms in the main office I could hear my baby crying his lungs out.  I peeked in and still no one was holding him...  I watched as a woman picked him up for a minute or so and then I came back again and he was standing there, balling alone.  They were crazy busy and I could see that there was so much going on, but still, it just felt wrong in my gut.  I told the director as much and left.  They tried to be nice but it just didn't feel right. 

...SO now I'm at home with Justin and no childcare, the day off, and a search for Mary Poppins. 

{Oh Mary...  we need you!!}

Being a working parent & having your own business has its own set of challenges.  I've actually heard people (without kids) talk down about working-designing-moms as if their businesses are somewhat of a joke.  I'm sure you're familiar with the terms "mommy decorators" or "mommy bloggers."  Does being a parent truly take away some sort of credibility in the design world?  Or does also being a blogger in addition to being a decorator mean that you don't deserve to be where you are?  (Clearly I don't think so, but sadly I've heard about people making this implication in general...  )

It's at times like this though- when I'm dealing with childcare issues and sit typing with a toddler on my lap- that I honestly start to wonder if these people are right???  I feel lucky to have gotten a shower in & to be dressed in normal clothes.  It's sometimes hard not to lose all confidence and wonder what in the world I'm doing or trying to do.  Am I just a "mommy" decorator faking it in the real world of suited interior designers? 

I'm clearly in a low spot right now to be even going on this rant, but I wish anyone thinking this way knew & understood all of the effort it takes to be where they are at 9 AM.  They might show up fresh & ready to rock, whereas the parent has been up for hours, having fed, bathed & dressed her kids for school and dropped them off and that's if everything went smoothly.  What exactly am I asking for? No it's not sympathy, but maybe a little understanding.  Because anyone who has to have someone else look after his or her children so he or she can go to work, is very serious about his or her career.  I think it's easy to quick-judge people and put them in a box.    (it's CLEAR that  I am ranting.. running from one working parent issue to the next.  please forgive me...  But I have to say, it is making me feel better ;)

Anyway, I'm off to go pick up Christian from his new school.  Fingers crossed all went well.   Sorry about the sort of down & out post. 
I'd love to hear your thoughts though as bloggers & readers on the "mommy blogger" / "mommy decorator issue."  Has anyone experienced what I'm talking about?

xoxo, Lauren

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Simple grey in the bath

This bath is so simple and calming.  I wish my bath could be so easy to manage, but we have all of those real life things that we have to hideaway so more storage is definitely needed.

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LOVING the jacket and the bag is not too shabby either!


Just a touch of blue...

Just the slightest bit of a color can be so perfectly pleasing.  
Wishing you a lovely Saturday!

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My Dad's Dining Room: Finally {Almost} Finished!

You might remember this project from way-back-when but my dad's dining room at the lake cottage started out looking like this:

The room was actually taken down to its studs prior to this picture being taken but I don't have any shots of that. 

Over the years, we added the table & light fixure & built-in cabinetry.  It's finally almost totally finished (with the exception of maybe a rug for the cooler months and shades on the windows) so I wanted to share a few pics I took:

{The boys use the table more than anyone for coloring & projects and of course eating (ie making a HUGE mess with food for Justin.)

I wanted the kitchen & dining room to feel simple & practical and carry a bit of nostalgia for my Grandma (who died 20 years ago but is still somehow a driving force in my family) with it.  It cleans up so easily & there's no stress with messes.   (Crayons came right off of the chairs- don't worry Dad!) 

I used my Live Paisley linen in dusty blue on the curtains because of the colors of my Grandma's china (now displayed in the built-in cabinetry)

Here's a very crooked picture of the cabinetry:

{I forgot to get a straight photo of this spot with the new hardware on- oops!- atleast you get the idea}

This cottage has been in our family since 1958, with the dining room & open kitchen at its heart.  So many meals have taken place here and for my family, eating is a BIG deal.  In reality, any room is just the backdrop for the life that's going on there, but it makes me so happy that the backdrop here finally feels right.  My Grandma & Nanoo loved this house and truly made it into a home.  My Grandma had a very disctinct style:  She loved flowery details and was pretty frilly, but also a very simple woman.  Function & practicality were always first.  I like to think of the house as an updated, tiny-bit-more-masculine version of my Grandma and I think she'd love it if she could see it now.  

{Queen Anne's lace on the table thrills me to no end...  seriously.}

One of my favorite things about visiting the old house is picking flowers from our field and bringing them inside.  My grandma always used to ask me to pick flowers & bring them in when I was a little girl.  It's such a simple thing, but when we go out & pick flowers, I'm in Heaven. 

Also, I've received a lot of questions about my textile line & how to order, so I just wanted to clarify a little bit. In September, I will be selling the fabrics online (in my new online store - Pure Style Home) for those who don't live in Virginia or those who don't have access to the Design Center of Northern Virginia.  It's an online store where you will be able to view all of the fabrics & colorways, and purchase sample memos & yardage right there at the site if you need to.  (I'm waiting until September to debut the line because the fabrics have not yet been photographed so without, pictures, there's no way for me to really sell them online.  My good friend & photographer Helen Norman and my family & I are doing a photoshoot at Helen's farm for the fabrics in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to share them with you!!  Not only will we be photographing the fabrics themselves but we're putting them in lifestyle settings that embody the feeling I hope that the fabrics convey: classic fresh, simple & carefree, and in some cases a little vintage or bohemian.)

If you are in the DC metro area, you can view my fabric line at the Design Center of Northern Virginia.

Thanks for the support & have a great weekend!!  (Can you believe summer's almost over?? wa wa wa)

xoxo, Lauren

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Gilles Tillard {simply detailed}

All the detail is simply stated in these photos..

I love them- it is like a day dream!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Much work to do here and spending some time with the family....

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Seahouse Design on One Kings Lane..

Don't miss Seahouse design on One Kings Lane Saturday morning at 8 am!!!!

Lot's of great vintage goods to be had!

Flea Market Sundays..

The past few weekends I have been hitting the flea markets with great success!  Warm weather has definitely brought out the crowds though!

Pasadena was full of industrial pieces which I love!

I am absolutely in love with this hand blown lighting from Cleveland Art, I have asked them to make two lights for my Master Bath project that I am starting.

These great signs and reclaimed pieces are from Reclaim a new one for me!  Love these too!

Brothers of Industry was another great space.  There things were selling too fast for me to photograph!

I am on the look out for a basket like this for my Living room to use as an end table.  This one was a little too big for the spot and it had a bit of a tilt to it.

Another beautiful vintage gown..  This one was even better than the last!

This past Sunday I visited Long Beach, so much to love here... I only took a few pictures (I had my hands full).  Vintage French was on my mind!

The boys from Atelier de Campagne were there- always love their space.  I picked up a copy of the new Jeanne d'Arc Living book from them.  I cannot wait for the container sale that is coming up in September!

Another great vintage French fix with Fred and Coco, love the bottles, they had great sizes this time which are perfect for table top!

I took home a few goodies, which I will have to share with you once I get them together.
images by christina for greige
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