Jade Jagger's home in Goa, India

I must say I'm just a liiiiitle bit stressed out today as I'm gearing up for a business trip to Asia (with my day job). So I'll be whirling around 4 countries in 7 days. Wooooah! In theory it sounds V exciting! In practise not so. But it's got me in the Asian mood all the same and so I thought I'd share this very exotic home of jewellery designer Jade Jagger in Goa, India, photographed by the talented Idha Lindhag. Oh how I wish I was holidaying here......!

Photographer: Jade Jagger stylist Emma Aspelin
I love the flashes of hot pink, it works so well in warm, sunny climes. I'm sure I could feel preeetty relaxed here. Oh won't you invite me to visit Jade?!

And of course I won't leave you high and dry for home inspiration next week as I will in fact report from Asia! So pop by and see me on Monday!

Have a LOVELY weekend!

greige on the lake

A perfectly relaxing space inside and out.  I love the soft subtle colors mixed in with the glass beads and the the vintage bottles and accessories.  It just shows how much you can do with texture and beautiful light in a space. 

Note how each space has a beautiful light fixture.  I love this custom piece above the tub.

images via At Home in Arkansas
interior design by Heather Chadduck


White and colour pops in Malmö's boho district

As I said in Tuesday's post, sometimes you don't need to look further than some of the Swedish estate agent websites for some fabulous interior design inspiration. This white apartment is for sale through Malmö agent Bo-laget and is in the bohemian / arty district of Möllevång. I love how the owners have used white on the walls and floors as a blank canvas and brought the home to life through colourful wallpapers and textiles. 

I love completely white but I know it's not to everyone's taste - the jury's always out on this! In Sweden it's super popular at the moment and it's the perfect way to create a light home. When I lived in Edinburgh as a student it was popular for every room to be painted a different colour such as deep blue, dark red and yellow. I loved that look too and it suited the environment.

What about where you live?

Kitchen pendants

So I am in the beginning design stages of my kitchen remodel.  Which I am super excited about but there are many very important decisions to make.  The sooner the better considering the lead time on some of these pieces!!  The first thing I had to figure out was my cabinet colors and the counters..  done there just need to get all of the pricing together (I will post those as soon as I make the final final decisions based on the cash).  But I have quickly moved onto lighting.  I love lighting!  So there is a small nook area that needs a chandelier and then we need to add pendants over the new island. 

My first choice on the chandelier is below..  this one if from Arteriors but I might have to adjust considering the price... (oops I always go based on looks for myself first then try to figure out pricing- it can be easier that way sometimes but in this case it is not really going to work).  Aside from that isn't she beautiful!  Another choice is the hand made piece above from Cleveland Art.  I have several pieces from them in my house (they made the amazing lights in my master bath) and I love them as each is a unique work of art.

So I like this one for a pendant but I am not sure about cleaning the shade and it may not be quite right but it sure is cute!
  This is one of my all time favorites from Cisco Brothers!  Love but it may be too small for there..

Another contender but it might be over done.  I have seen these in all kinds of kitchens...

I love this piece from Arteriors- new and fabulous!

Another Arteriors piece very similar to the Cisco piece but a bit larger...

This is fun and new from Arteriors too..
 Then there is the large bling that I decided half way through this post might work over the table in the nook too... 

Any suggestions?  I like the idea of mixing something a little fancy with something more industrial.  Lighting is the most visual accessory in a room next to artwork and I like to keep things interesting!


My home: sitting room

On monday I showed a few snaps of my dining area. Here's the other side of our open plan living space. Looking at the snaps now I see that perhaps it could have been a little neater, but that is our style: laid back! We had great fun creating the picture wall. It was a case of finding items we love and that have meaning such as my daughter's hand prints, a framed heart engagement present from my mother-in-law, a Therese Sennerholt print from my husband, a poem read out on our wedding day which I wrote out and framed, mirrors and sculptures and then a few hours of 'left a bit, right a bit....!'

My Scandinavian Home
My Scandinavian Home
My Scandinavian Home
I picked up the armchairs for 10 pounds each at a mid century flea market in Malmö - such a bargain!! Admittedly they're a bit 'springy' to sit on but I love the shape of the arms! The shelves are by string. And the mid century coffee table used to be my parents-in-laws but you can pick these up at auction site Lauritz and the lights in the corner are from Granit. The blanket draped over the sofa is from Himla.

In the bottom left of the two top pictures you can just see a little IKEA Lätt childrens table and chair. I painted the top of it with blackboard paint and the legs and chairs white for my girls. The wicker Alseda pouffs are also from IKEA and great for adding a little extra seating when needed.

Next steps - paint the stairs white. Watch this space!!!

My Little Lovey...

... is here!!  He was born last Monday (May 21st) in the afternoon and weighed 7 lbs 8 oz.

{There is no better feeling on this Earth than the moment when you first hold your baby}

...And here he is all cleaned up and in his nightie:

His name is Luke David & we are so in love with him.

 {Here he is with his Daddy- David.  We've barely put him down all week.}

Anyway, I just wanted to share our news with you & hope you're having a great week!  I'm not sure when I'll be back in -  I'm really trying to devote all of my attention to the family right now- but when I am I've got lots to share on what we've been doing around here. :)

And a note on the exhaustion/ coping level-  I have to say that with my husband home for 1 more week, we're doing pretty well.  Life with 3 boys is DEFINITELY an adjustment but so far, so good.  Right now, we're tag-teaming & it's really manageable but I'm a little nervous about when real life & work picks up & we're not only focusing on the family & life at home.  I'm trying not to think about it right now & to just recup & relax...  On that note, I'm also sooooo excited to get to work out again.  I gained 60 (!) pounds so I'm ready to RUNNNNN... :)  (I gained 60 with each of my other pregnancies too =  FUN.  not.) 

ok, I'm off.  Have missed you all!!

xoxo, Lauren
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Vintatge Finds and instagram...

So I have a question... do you instagram?  I do and I love love it!  I love the idea of being able to have a camera with me at all times and having the editing tools there too.  It is super fun and I am sure I post too many of the same pictures just from different angles.. this is how I use my regular camera too.  I take a lot of pictures and then I look for just the right one (usually they are really the same but I like to abuse my use of the camera memory).   I would love to know if you are on instagram and if you would like to have some new followers please let us all know your user name in the comments section...

I get a lot of emails and comments asking me to show some of my purchases from the flea markets.. I did take a couple of pics with my phone of some of my goodies!   (The first picture is of the gorgeous peonies that I picked up before dinner today- not from the flea market but had to share).  I found these beautiful pale green glass beads to mix in with my bone beads- love them... I also bought this great Union Jack - it is a little oversized and very thin.  Perfect for a window or to just drape around.

This is one of my favorite things!!!!  I am taking this in this morning to have it made into a pillow... so so loving this one.  Just underneath it is a beautiful English wedding document that will be getting framed and off to the side is a great croc bag (it is the real thing) that I picked up for a steal about a month ago.

Wishing you a wonderful late start to the week!


A beautiful Stockholm apartment with mid-century touches

Sometimes, when you're in need of a little interior design inspiration the best place to turn is the estate agents. Especially Swedish ones like Fantastic Frank. And that's where this beautiful home in Vasastan, Stockholm is for sale. It is oh so Scandinavian, with the beautiful light wood floors, white and pale grey hues and the stark contrast of the wooden mid-century furniture. Such a perfect balance.

Photography:Styling: Sofie GanevaPhoto: Kristofer Johnsson Styling: Sofia Ganeva for Fantastic Frank via Emma's Design Blog
Ooooo what a wonderful home, I don't know how they can bear to part with it. And such beautiful light! What d'you think?

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my home dining space yesterday. Tomorrow I thought I'd show a few more snaps from another part of our open plan living space, so pop back if you get the chance!

Hej då!
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