Golden Brown Color Modern Design

With imagination and it all works Modern Agraz Arquitectos designed. admire the excellent design in all,  golden brown color gives special meaning and more interactive.
In the interior there are some furniture that complements dream house and some big Lcd installed in every room. plaid design on a wooden wall and a barrier gives the work a very beautiful and contemporary, has its own appeal.

Residential with modern design that is very concerned with some comfort, flexibility and also the beauty of the furniture golden brown, the colors are very in interest some people to obtain beauty as a place to perform daily activities.

The placement of the light which is above is also very influential to illuminate every part of the house is a modern design of the house is very special.
The living room, dining room and the kitchen are a golden brown color combination for the room, so beautiful to look at and has a high aspect with some marble stones that exist in the room.

There are also modern exterior design with green garden provides its own beauty can also make life comfortable quiet and careful. cleanliness is very influential in creating a modern design for a clean heart there is also room is clean as well.

image: freshome


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