Easy Breezy Leaves

I'm often drawn to photos of rooms that feature massive leaves.  The give a room an easy breezy, relaxed feel (that's often tropical, depending upon the leaves.)

{Coastal Living}

An arrangement of massive leaves is one of the easiest to make & it has a huge impact on a space.

I have a big suppliy of hosta leaves in my yard & so they end up in my photographed spaces fairly often...

I grouped them together in demijohns on this workspace in my client's living room:

Another great source for oversized leaves is the potted plants section of Home Depot/ Lowe's.    Sadly, I'm a plant killer (they die slow dry deaths at my house) but I don't feel as bad when I cut up the plant for arrangements like this one I did in a client's living room on the ottoman:

I wish I could squeeze this post packed with photos of gorgeous rooms that feature big cut leaves, but I have to run for the day!!  Have a good one!!

xoxo, Lauren

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