Client Plan: New French Country

"Chicken with its head cut off" would hardly even describe my true state this week...  We've been running around like mad with pre-holiday final appointments and presentations and installs.   I actually love it when it's like this (haha maybe taken down one notch) but my body (more my throat) does not.  I'm one of those people who doesn't sleep well when I'm super-busy so I guess that doesn't help.  Although have you noticed that some of your best ideas come late at night?? 
Anyway, I thought I'd share a little peek of the fabrics in a client's plan we've been working on.  Although you know I'm not big on "themes," she loves French Country so we decided to do a more modern / less obvious version of  for her not-so-French home located in Northern Virginia.  The design needed to work for the here and now and not look like something trying to be what it's not, so we included some more graphic modern fabrics and are keeping the furnishings fairly classic. 

The striped dark brown velvet will go on this sofa (below) and the curtains are in the tapestry floral.  English arm chairs will be in the golden embroidered paisley and the black & brown graphic print will be on an unpholstered bench.  Other fabrics might work their way into pillows and walls are a soft beige-cream.
(Sofa available through Lauren Liess Interiors}

I looooove this pillow option.  Fringe typically isn't my thing but it will work beautifully in the room: 

{China Winds pillow also available through Lauren Liess Interiors}

On another note, over Christmas I'll be working on my design proposal for the DC Design Showhouse this Spring..   We had the walk-through and I chose my space.  I've started work with an insanely talented artist, Matthew Moore    and super-innovative lighting designer Rick Singleton (both introduced to me by Eddie Ross - thank you E!!) and am staying up late at night thinking of the space I'm competing for.  I'm seriously nervous- there was so many talented designers at the walk-through- and haven't wanted something this badly in a long time.  The panel of judges/ board will look through all of the design proposals/boards and make their selections in January.  I fell in love with the room I'm after and the house itself is just so incredible.  I've been debating about mentioning this on the blog- there is a huge chance I won't be chosen- but it's tough for me to keep anything I'm really excited about off of the blog.  At first I thought I'd be embarrassed to tell you if I didn't make it, but I pretty much lay it all out on here and figured you wouldn't hold it against me if I'm not accepted. (And send hugs my way  haha)

Anyway, let's just hope that this little door of opportunity is ready to open...  because I'm so ready.
eeeeeeeeeeeek ;)

xoxo, Lauren
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