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Today I'm guest blogging over at my friend Seleta's (@ Simply Seleta) about bringing fresh greens inside.  (shocking, I know...  you never see me doing that.  It comes from a very basic need to stay away from the grocery store or having to get in my car to do anything extra.)

{Seleta's new gallery wall- love!!}

And I also thought I'd share a family room plan I'm working on for a super-sweet client of mine, Sandy.  (Remember her living room, here?)  Well, now we've moved onto the family room.  When I visited them for the family room design presentation, I was greeted with a hysterical (although I'm sure serious :) note written to me on their chalkboard from Sandy's husband, Dave.  It read, "Lauren, be gentle."  As wives & husbands know, decorating budgets are often tricky.  Many of the husbands I work with really just want their wives to be happy and are willing to agree to the plans as long as they're comfortable with the budget.  Other husbands heavily weigh in on the decision-making process.  It's so interesting to me to see how partners come to make design-related decisions together.

My plans are typically driven by fabrics & a general palatte and I thought I'd share Sandy & Dave's with you:

Sandy, Dave, and their daughter Emma want to be able to relax in and really enjoy their family room, which is in their basement.  Sandy currently can't stand being down there, which is where the TV is.  Emma also wants to use the space to hang pit with friends & do homework.  I came up with a plan full of cheerful aquas and a fun mix of patterns to get the space feeling a bit more energetic & happy and to work for both mom & daughter.  The current out-of-date fireplace surround is being replaced by goooorgeous aqua subway tile and we're deciding between wall-to-wall seagrass or sisal for the floors.  (layered over with a soft wool area rug.)  The goal is to get the family to love being down there & I can't wait to share the results and more details with you!!

Have a great day & thank you so much for all the kind wishes about BHG!! 

And, stop over @ Seleta's to read my post on greens! 

xoxo, Lauren

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