Gorgeous in Grey


I cannot tell you how much I love this picture... no words can describe how it makes me feel...
I hope you are having a lovely day!

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Grain Sacks with a different style...


A little bit of a different feeling with the grain sack pillows..

image via Atlanta homes and lifestyles

A Susan Ferrier Master Bedroom and greige's 1 year of blogging...


Just perfect... I love this bedroom that Susan Ferrier created for a show house.

images via atlanta homes and lifestyles

Vintage in Cream and White

This kinda has a country cottage type of feeling. But I am loving it- The mirror is amazing over the sofa!

images via stills locations

Go Figure.

We've worked so tirelessly to get the inside of our house feeling good and now all we want to do is go outside. 

Summer's here (ok, maybe not really, but it totally feels like it) and it's time to break out the sprinkler for the little guys to play in!!  I found this awesome vintage (I think) set of black iron outdoor patio furniture this week at Lucketts and I can't wait to bring it home in our truck today!!  It's really not at all like this one from High Society below (it has  much straighter lines)  but its' the first thing I thought of (and my husband too--  poor guy has an awesome memory & I've been filling his head with decorating!!) when I saw the set. 

It has kind of a modern retro-chic feeling that will work really well with the exterior of our {not-so-pretty}70s house.  Here's a photo of it when we first moved in last year. (below)  Enough good things haven't  been done to it yet to warrant an "after" picture.  (But we have moved the neon playset into a less conspicuous area until we can get the wooden one we're after, and the tree debris & drain pipe are gone.)

...The back and sides of our house are still beigey/ "nude" (I love to say that about our house...  it cracks me up) while the front is now a rich gray.  (Still??  Yes, still.)

{My little fern hanging on for dear life}

...  I know the neighbors much just love us...  but hopefully they won't think we're as worthless as we look once we paint the sides & back of the house as SOON as Dave off of work for the summer.  (High school English teacher :)  I can't wait!!  (Both for summer vacation and a fully-painted house.)  

Anyway, the patio set is kind of a combination of these (in black iron) but doesn't have pillows that we can use:

{vintage set}

{image from Maas Brothers recoating...  It has a simlar 'X' back but with a large "O" in the center which is almost exactly the same as the caged lantern in our front entry.  (see photo of entry a few pics up)}

{Crate & Barrel via Hooked on Houses...  It has similar straight, spare lines but it's black. }

I LOVE its size (a massive 3-seater sofa, a chair and a chaise!!) and it has awesome lines, but the paint is peeling off and of course we need to have cushions made.   I can't get the High Society cushions off of my mind but might  go with a solid fabric and do pillows.  (I wouldn't be going pink out there...  but possibly an enlarged "grandma" floral...  I'm also thinking about orange as I love it with the gray on the house...)

We've also got plans to work on the shed/ playhouse this weekend...

Below is a photo of the ceiling all primed & ready for paint...

I set up a Facebook Page for Pure Style Home last night & posted a couple more pics of the shed as it is now.  I'm not quite sure how to really work facebook yet but hopefully I'll get the hang of it.  I'm thinking I will post little updates & progress on projects there.  Not as exciting as "voila" before & afters but I know some of you like to see behind-the-scenes & "progress" pictures.

Hope you have a happy Memorial Day weekend & get a dip in a pool!!!  If you have some time, check out the new facebook page & send me some thought/tips/ideas!!  (I'm so slooooow with computers/ technology!!)  I'd love to know what you'd like to see on there.

Capital Kitchen in Melbourne


How perfect is the Capital Kitchen? The simplicity is perfect and of course the greige feeling with the Tolix chairs makes it heavenly! Have you been? How is it? Someday I will make it to Australia and I can check it out!

Online Design for the sitting room

Here is a fun little idea board based on one of my favorite idea photos.  At greige we offer a large variety of design options including online design services.  Stop by our website to find more inspiration.

Side Note: Sex and the City 2

I just saw a wonderful post on Sex in the City 2 up on Cinema Style. Go by and check it out! Are you going to see the movie? I cannot wait until tomorrow night!!

All around the mulberry bush

As you might remember, we moved into our house about a year ago...  One of the funny things about first moving into a house (especially in early Spring like us before the leaves are out) is that you don't necessarily know what kinds of plants & trees you have on your property.  This past year it's been so great to watch the place bloom around us & to find out what everything is.  One of our favorite "mystery trees" that we saw when we first moved in turned out to be a mulberry tree!


And we love to eat them!!  (Things just taste better outside & especially when they're from your own yard, don't they?)  It's so relaxing to head outside at the end of the day & pick mulberries.  I love that we don't have to do anything at all to keep them alive (because my thumb is the blackest of blacks.)

{Christian's getting so big -will be 3 yrs old in July- and can reach the lower branches}

{yum! yum!}

...After we pick them we head to the backyard to the adirondack chairs to relax & enjoy the mulberries ... and forget about how messy our house is, the work that needs to be done, and the craziness of daily life etc.

They're not the cleanest of foods...

{Mulberry-stained hands, feet and face}

...But they sure make us happy...

Chores, work, messes and "things" will always be there... 
Think of what you can do with the people you love to take a quick break from it all.
Savor all the little moments you can.
simple      happy      beautiful      living.


Bedroom or bath??

I love the look of this but what do you call it? The Bedroom or the bath? What if you get the bed wet?  Is this practical?  What do you think?

images via stills locations

Simple and clean greige kitchen

Loving this simple kitchen. And the pendants- Wonderful!

images via stills locations

Ashington house {part 5}


I think I love everything about this house... If they would let me I think I would move in now!

Something new and different for tomorrow I promise!

images via stills locations
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